Monday, August 31, 2009

New Home For My Blog


I have rebranded my blog and moved it to the following location

For the most part my blog will concentrate on three things:
  1. Personal Technology.
  2. Technology and Society.
  3. Tech Tips

While I have made a conscious decision not to create three blogs. The blog entries will be well catagorized and tagged to ensure that people can find the items that they are interested in.

Some of the issues that I will explore under each of the sections are itemized below:

Personal Technology

This section will explore technology in our every day lives. How we use it and how we may misuse it. If it is new, frustrating, funny or impacts the way we live, I just may have something to say about it.

Technology and Society

This is an area that I feel very strongly about. Technology is playing an increasingly import role within our society and the world. There are issues of privacy, education, access and global competitiveness that are important to consider.

Tech Tips

Technology is moving so quickly today, that technology professionals always find themselves learning new technologies out of necessity. I have benefited from the tips and pointers that my fellow technologists have shared. It is only right that I do the same.